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  • Sunrise on the Cumberland Plateau, Tennessee.
  • A Pacific fisher (Martes pennanti pacifica) is reintroduced into Olympic National Park, Washington.
  • Tracking wolverine kits (Gulo gulo) born in southwest Montana's Gravelly Range.
  • Native seed collected by volunteers from the Grand Canyon Trust will be used for habitat restoration on Arizona’s Kaibab Plateau.
  • The Habitat Improvement Team from Quail Unlimited creates early successional vegetation, a critical habitat component missing from much of Kentucky’s landscape.

Welcome to WCS Wildlife Action Opportunities Fund Portal

The Wildlife Action Opportunities Fund

The Wildlife Action Opportunities Fund provides competitive grants to conservation organizations that are focused on implementing priority actions and strategies identified in State Wildlife Action Plans. Funds to support this program have been provided by a grant from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, which works to accelerate conservation of wildlife habitat through implementation of the Wildlife Action Plans.

During its three funding cycles the Wildlife Conservation Society has awarded 58 grants for over $5 million to a variety of local, regional, and national nonprofit conservation organizations and state wildlife agencies for projects that strive to implement priority conservation activities outlined by the State Wildlife Action Plans. By providing support to a broad swath of organizations and conservation projects, the Wildlife Conservation Society hopes to leverage new and existing partnerships between states and nonprofits that catalyze implementation the Wildlife Action Plans in all 50 states and 6 U.S. territories. With ever increasing encroachment of commercial, residential and energy development into critical wildlife areas, the State Wildlife Action Plans provide a comprehensive framework for coordinated efforts in support of protecting important habitats for all species.

About the Wildlife Conservation Society

The Wildlife Conservation Society saves wildlife and wild lands. We do so through careful science, international conservation, education, and the management of the world's largest system of urban wildlife parks, led by the flagship Bronx Zoo. Together, these activities change individual attitudes toward nature and help people imagine wildlife and humans living in sustainable interaction on both a local and a global scale. WCS is committed to this work because we believe it essential to the integrity of life on earth. We uniquely combine the resources of wildlife parks in New York with field projects around the globe to inspire care for nature, provide leadership in environmental education, and help sustain our planet's biological diversity. Today WCS is at work in 53 nations across Africa, Asia, Latin America and North America, protecting wild landscapes that are home to a vast variety of species from butterflies to tigers.

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